How to register

Who can be registered

  • Students and employes of CTU
    • Living or not living on Strahov dorm

Who can't be registered

  • Non-students
  • CTU absolvents
    • Living or not living on Strahov dorm
  • Non-CTU students
  • Non-CTU absolvents


  1. If you aren't registered in Silicon Hill club yet visit a registrar on your block.
  2. According to information placed here (language can be changed in the footer of the page) pay Sport membership.
  3. Visit your Silicon Hill account here and check you have filled the 6-digit CTU personal number (placed on your CTU card).
  4. The access activation takes about a week since your payment is received. 
    For entrance use your CTU card only (any other card is not working).
    If you are not from block 2 use the entrance on the side of the block 2.

What to bring with you

  • towel
  • sport wear
  • indoor shoes
  • non-alcoholic drink
Opening hours
6.00am - 11.00pm
(last entry 10:30pm)
Fitness centre cam preview
Booking system


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